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 How can I reload wjview main.exe? I think I delet Post a Reply  
From: M D on 03/01/2004
OpSys: WinME
Browser: IE6

Symptoms: Error at startup ("can't find wjview main.exe"), and clicking on javascript links no longer works.

- Is the app I need online for download somewhere?
- Is it part of Windows, part of Internet Explorer, or something separate?



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From: Davie on 03/03/2004
Can't find any reference to the "main" part of the filename, but go here for some info on "wjview.exe" the Visual J++ tool
Unfortunately there is also a Spyware program called "wjview" Try going to Log into the forums and do a search for "wjview"
Hope this helps in some small way !

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