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 it wont let me go on msn every time i log in comes Post a Reply  
From: Laura on 03/01/2004
i cant log on to msn because every time i try it comes up with a webpage called perfect nav and it is if you need to log on 2 something it wont let u compu6ter type windows xp

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From: Lucie on 01/20/2005
I think computers at school should let you go on msn if you have nothing else to do!

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From: Beamuse on 03/17/2004
Kazaa in all forms, except the "paid for" version, comes with spyware attached. Part of that spyware is a trojan called perfect.nav - My suggestion, is uninstall Kazaa and then download ADAWARE here-

Then dowload SPYBOT here -

Then run both those programs - you will be shocked at all the spyware that will be in your computer.

Lastly, run CW Shredder which you can download here -

Then, hopefully the last of the garbage that kaaza has installed in your computer will be gone.

If you want to download music and have no ads or spyware, try WinMix.

Hope this helps


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