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 Computer starts up and Windows will not boot. Post a Reply  
From: Nelson on 02/24/2004
My computer is an old HP NetServer 5/133 LC
When I boot up my computer this is what I get. "Type the name of Command Interpreter (e.g.,C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND.COM). I have have tried inserting in the system disk and restarting the computer. I still get this. I am at a loss... Please can you help me figure this out...I have been tring to beat this for about 2 months now. My patience finally ran out the door.

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From: Tonya on 10/05/2004
If you are using Windows 98,
Restart your computer, press F8, to get the startup menu. Select
At the command prompt C: type cd windows, press enter.
C: type cd options, press enter.
C: type cd cabs, press enter.
C: type setup, press enter.
This will reinstall the Windows 98 Operating System, follow the onscreen instructions, Good Luck.

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