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From: Jim on 02/15/2004
Once my computer is up and flying (well, flying like a do do bird) I can navigate through it without issue, however, when I attempt to open "My Computer", I get the blue screen of death, with the ~Error: 0D : 0028 : 00000003~ and that pretty much grounds this bird.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thanking anyone in advance that can help


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From: Greg on 10/18/2004
I'm getting a similar error in a very different circumstance; wondering if there is any relation. My BSOD comes first during the installation of Trend Micro's newest version of Internet Security (i.e. Pc-Cillin). During the end of the install, specifically the configuration step, I get this Blue-Screen-of-Death error:
An exception 0D has occured at 0028:00000003 in VxD ---. This was
called from 0028:C001D324 in VxD NDIS(01)0005AA0. It may be
possible to continue normally.

Press any key to con....

I press a key and the install proceeds in a normal fashion. After the install, I am unable to access the internet via USB cable modem. With Trend Micro Internet Security "installed", I get the exact same BSOD during windows startup. If I uninstall the virus software, the whole problem goes away. Any ideas at all??? I'm a bit at a loss.



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