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 Freezes in My Pictures. Error Message: OE:01F:BFF Post a Reply  
From: Bob on 06/25/2002
As soon as I try and do anything with any photos stored in "My pictures" the computer freezes up and I get error message as above.

I am using Windows ME on a Time computer.


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From: Computerpilot on 11/21/2002

Just so you know, it is probably a bad video card driver. This error message usually has to do with an outdated GeForce video card drvier. I would attempt to replace it and this should fix your problems.

I am unaware of any 'bugs' with any Microsoft Operating System related to the 'My Pictures' folder.



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From: Jim on 11/20/2002
Hi Bob, et al.

Join the crew. I've had/have the same problem on 98, 2000, ME and XP. This has been on numerous laptops and desktops. It would appear to me to be not OS or hardware specific. I've taken to just forgetting about "MyPictures" folder; for me I make a photo or pic folder and use it that way. Most of my photo programs allow one to set the default folder, so it's no sweat. For hose that don't, oh well.

I've seen no satisfactory work around posted at Microsoft or anywhere else. So, I've just decided not to be a lemming and follow my own drum ... that darned drum's thumping gives me a headache tho. :-)



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