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From: murray on 02/04/2004
After bootingup blue scren error appears OE: 0028: C00123AB, when I press a another key a new message appears stating an exception error has occured at 0028:C0011FAB in VXD---, this was called from 0028:C0012B33 in VXD--- .
Once I reboot and go through restoring desktop the computer works fine.
I have a AMD board running WIN ME.
Any suggestions ????

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From: Dave on 02/18/2004
Good advice, replaced SDRAM chip with 256MB, computer works well with no more blue screens. My only problem is I cannot get any sound from CD drive or off recently upgraded version 9 of media player. I think this computer has a sound chip built into the board I will have to investigate further.

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From: Dave on 02/04/2004
Try going here for some general info Fatal Exception Errors

and go here for an Error Message similar to yours;en-us;18965

Hope this helps. Post back and let us know


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