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 GeForce 5200 resets when level is completed in gam Post a Reply  
From: Brian on 01/30/2004
I just built this computer the other day, and it runs great. Here are my specs.
2600XP AMD
1 GIG DDR 400mgz
2 120 Gig Hard-Drives
And i have TV Capture card installed on my USB ports.
GeForce 5200 256MB DDR 8X AGP w/TV and DVI Out
Gigabyte 7vT600-1394 Socket A Motherboard
(Running on the onboard sound)

I recently bought Battlefield 1942, and when i play the game in regular single player mode (Instant Action) I have no problems what so ever, the card runs great, a little chopping when i turn the graphics way up, but never the less. Now when I run the game in campaign mode and beat a mission, right at the point where it would bring up a menu to continue the game and say congrats a job well done it does a cold reboot. If anyone knows how to go about fixing this or what may cause it let me know, i'm guessing a driver incompatibility issue. Also running Windows XP Pro with latest updates.
If you have a solution please


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