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From: Georges on 01/30/2004

I tried to install 'Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1' but for whatever reason I was not able to complete the installation.

I deleted all the files from Add/Remove related to the pack but when I turn my computer on the following window appears as soon as I log on.

Windows Update: Internet Explorer and Internet Tools

'Setup has detected that a previous download was not completed. Do you want to recover and continue Setup?'

Could anyone tell me how to get rid of that window?

Thank you in advance for your help



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From: Anand.C on 02/11/2004
Hi, George.
do the following thing.
1) go add/remove programe choose the internet explorer remove option.
then choose the repaire IE.
2)use administrator login for installtion,otherwise create a new profile and give the administrator rights to thet new profile and use that profile for sp1 installation.
3) when u start the system press F8 key of the keyboard before windows xp start.
and then try.

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