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From: TRex on 01/20/2004
I have been lurking this board for sometime now.
The problems most of you have requires a total reformat.
Since IE and OE are intergrated into windows there is no other solution.
First, downloading badly written software and trojans or viri is why your systems are crashing. Some cheap proggies come with other crap packed in the software, that's what is happening here.
This is how some get the coolweb and other trojans on their systems.
Using restore reg will not help because that only prolongs your problem.
You have to remove the program that started the problem.
Months could have passed by before your crash revealed itself.
Your not going to remember, unless your lucky and smart enough to list all your programs that you've downloaded in a certain time period.
In regurads to OS crashes, it is very rare that you will "quick fix" your problem.
Burn all your programs that are valid, reformat your system and I'll guarantee your problems will fade.
I know you are all cringing at this prospect of reformatting-but you really don't have much of a choice.
Do it right.
Take the time and reformat your system until it becomes second nature.

Best of luck to all.
T Rex


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