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From: Joe on 01/20/2004
Just installed a new Epson Stlyus Color 600 printer. I was trying to print an e-mail message from outlook express 6 and it crashes. First error says MSIMN error occured in program, then you click close and another error pops up saying MSIMN has caused an error in GDI.EXE. When you click close on that error Outlook Express shuts down.

I am able to print from word, the internet, excel, quickbooks, etc. I just cant print e-mail messages. It crashes outlook express every time.

Relevant info:
Epson Stylus Color 600 Printer
Latest Epson Drivers
Windows ME
Outlook Express 6

Any help is appreciated!


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From: robin on 05/27/2004
hi, have same problem, any luck with yours?

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From: Alan Adair on 04/04/2004
I have exactly the same problem, has anyone helped you out with a solution? I could not see one on the web page. Would love to receive any help you may have had yourself.

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