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From: Matt on 01/20/2004

I am having some strange little problems with my computer (Windows 98 OS) I recently had a problem where I cannot open Norton Internet Security properly and when I close the window it says

'Microsfot Visual C++ Runtime Library'

'Runtime Error'


'abnormal program termination'

Norton Antivirus is working fine but when I try and open the Norton Internet Security screen I just get a blank white window with the hourglass there like it is still loading.

My other problem occurs when browsing the Internet. I cannot sign into my hotmail account or into msn messenger, I have no problems with any other websites. It is not a password problem as I can sign in on my computer at work. Also when I try and open a page in a new window the new window just freezes until I 'stop' and 'refresh'.

Any advice appreciated.


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From: judi on 02/16/2004
Hi Matt,

I have exactly the same problem on my computer!!!
did you find the solution?

Thanks judi


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