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 Why can't I get rid of Coolsearch or Searchvph Post a Reply  
From: Kisha on 01/19/2004
I have unsuccessfully tried every solution offered on this website to try to eliminate Coolsearch,, Searchvph, and various other search sites that pop up in place of my homepage. I went through each step offered by several people who have had this problem, to no avail. Spybot did not work. Aluria's spyware did not work. There was no update911 to remove. CWShredder did not work. Any other suggestions from anyone, other than throwing my f@#$ing cumputer out the window???

Thanks!!! Hope someone knows something else!


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From: captain on 01/19/2004
Download 'Hijack This!'.
You have a nasty trojan.

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