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From: SUE on 01/18/2004
Iam having trouble trying to open my browser so I can check my mail on this windows 98 se I used to have 5.5 then it went back to 5 internet explorer so I upgraded to the 6 so I could put my norton anti virus on my pc because it said I needed a 5.1 internet explorer or higher to let me install it. Now it wont let me check my mail. My browser opens but it wont connect to the website will someone please help me?

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From: Anand.C on 02/11/2004
u r using windows 98se.have u done the following thing,s
1)go to add/remove pogram ,internet explorer try to repaire it.
2)in intert explorer file menu go to the tool option and advance menu and restore the default.
3)go to the security in tools option and set the default.
4)check the connection option in tools and if u r the home users then use select dial-up default and in office use lan default.

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