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From: Vlashba on 01/14/2004
I use a Zoom 56K V.90 internal fax/modem and it has worked very well for the past three years. While using IE6 a few months back I was surfing around and all of a sudden I would get the internally generated page that said the DNS could not be detected, blah, blah blah. At this point I couldn't get to any sites but the modem would still be connected to the ISP. Closing IE and the modem and restarting would do no good, only a full re-boot would clear the condition. And this seems to occur as if a timer was on because if I'm not constantly in a download or transmitting this disconnect will always occur. No error messages, either. Very annoying. I've never seen this discussed before, have you? I've tried tweaking a bunch of different things, even went back to IE5, turned off critical update scheduler, shutdown PCillin virus protection, etc.



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