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 Can't Get Internet/Email After Installing Syma Post a Reply  
From: Cindy on 01/13/2004
I few weeks ago I installed the Symantec Updates after being notified by a flashing icon. After I rebooted, I couldn't access IE or email. I had to use Gateway GoBack to return the drive to the point before I installed the updates. Today I was looking for some other info and found a site that said users had had problems after a similar update. Well, I foolishly thought that Symantec might have fixed it...but no, after I tried the update again, I had to do the GoBack again to get to the point just before I installed the updates.

There is info on their website about a change on 7-8 Jan that causes computer slowdown, but I don't think that's the same thing that's happening to me.

Any ideas?


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