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From: Ross on 01/04/2004
Whenever I start up my compaq Evo600c laptop and try start up windows xp professional a windows installer box appears and tries to install microsoft publisher 2002, even though it is installed and working fine. This happens periodically and it slows down my computer to a standstill while I try to cancel it. This makes surfing the net and generally using my computer impossible.

Another problem I'm having is whenever I try to type in text in a document or even a internet search engine my computer starts to type in words itself. Here is an example:
but it but it it you're and like the a but to we're in the year in the

I have no idea if the problems are related but they did start happening around the same time.
I have installed norton antivirus 2004 and this has not solved the problems.

I also went to add/remove/change programs in the control panal and successfully restored/repaired microsoft publisher but this hasn't changed a thing.

Any advice anyone can offer me will be gratefully received.


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