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 Windows 98SE 06 OE 0028:00000017 Fatal Exception Post a Reply  
From: Mark on 01/03/2004
I have a Windows 98SE on my computer and I have just installed a DSL connection which requires me to use this Raspppoe connection program. I have downloaded the latest version of raspppoe and the windows 98 patch Q243199 also.
When I try to estabelish the connection after boot-up the blue screen appears with the message: 06 OE 0028:00000017 Fatal Exception and so on. Windows returns if I hit any key, but the screen has those black holes. The connection works fine also, but you know I don't like that blue screen and the black holes on my desktop.
I couldn't find anything that could help me, so I'm quite desperate. Please someone help me!!!!



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From: Tanner on 01/03/2004
may be your video card settings, try setting it to lower performance and see if that stops the problem, or get latest drivers. The 0028 is a tip off but I may be wrong.

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