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 Low resources in Windows ME Dell Dimension 8100 w/ Post a Reply  
From: Storm on 01/01/2004
Well, the title pretty much describes the problem. I have a 3 year old Dell Dimension 8100 P4 1.5 with Windows ME, 80GB HDD, and 1024MB RDRAM. Now, I do have a few apps running in the background (Norton 2003, Zone Alarm, Port Monster, printer monitors, wingman controller, active sync, and a few others), but not enough to use up over a gig of RAM. I have run the Dell Resolution assistant, as well as their online diagnostic, and the MS bootup RAM tests, all pass. But when I have two or three IE windows, and maybe two or three explorer windows open, if I check the Properties|Performance tab on my PC,I will sometimes have system resources as low as 4-9% free. However, I have an app called AIDA32 which gives a system breakdown, and most of the time the resources are much higher there. Is this just a problem with ME (I have heard that ME doesnt like anything higher than 512MB RAM)? I've been thinking of upgrading to XP (this might be the push I need if it is ME), but I am wary of upgrades ever since I upgraded my 486/66 from 3.1 to 95.

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From: Anand.C on 02/11/2004
Hi, Strom
although your system conf is high, but the error which u have is the prob of windows ME.
there is no solution for your error("Low resources in Windows ME ).

this error comes in windows98 SE and windows ME oprerating system.
better u chage your operating system and switch to windows 2000 or windows xp.
this error eliminated in windows 2000 and windows 2000 and windows xp.


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