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 Is it possible to have a faulty IDE cable? Post a Reply  
From: Alex on 12/16/2003
Is it possible to have a faulty IDE cable? I have this problem of the PC freezing while playing games, and the BIOS crashes when i restart the computer. It crahes in exactly the same place every time, and that is when it detects whats on the Secondary Master IDE cable.

A faulty cable could be the cause of the game and BIOS crashing, and if it was the CD Drive that was broken, then it would still get detected.

Any thoughts on this matter..?


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From: Scorpio on 12/28/2003
IDE cables do not go bad very often, but yes, they do go bad. This can happen especialy if a person connects and disconnects the cable frequently or if the cable has been pinched/nicked. The problem you are having is probably not related to the cable though. to diagnose this, go with the easy things first. replace the suspect IDE cable and run your system as usual, if the problem still persists.begin eliminating suspects. Start with the CD drive, then the HDD. The IDE controller on the Mainboard could be bad too..... Oh, and you probably want to back up everything that is dear to you ASAP. you will probably loose it to corruption if not a faulty HDD.

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