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 Internet Explorer crashing with Error: Dragon Natu Post a Reply  
From: Bob on 12/14/2003
Earlier this year mandy on 04/11/2003 posted a question about the following error message:
An unexpected exception c0000005[EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION] has occurred. Information has been written to Dragon.Log. The program will exit when the ok button is pressed.
I am ALWAYS getting this message when I go to a site in Internet Explorer that does not exist (or is incorrect). Only the window that gets the message closes when I do have multiple IE windows open.
This is especially strange in that, although I loaded Dragon NaturallySpeaking some time ago with WordPerfect, I have never used it. I'm using WinXP Pro.
I have read your FAQs, do have cable Internet access and a fairly well maintained system (in terms of Nortin Antivirus, with current Virus Definitions, scans and drivers).

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From: luis on 06/11/2004
I've the same problem, in my pc apear it when I am opening explorer.
Some one could help me?

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