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From: Paul on 06/28/2002
My computer freezes often and at random times. I at first thought it could have been my slow 6Gb HD, but now I have a 40Gb HD and it still happens.
It all started to happen when I bought a new GForce 3 video card, put in an extra 128Mb RAM (256Mb in total now), upgraded from 850Mhz Duron to 1400Mhz Athlon, and added an Asus DVD ROM drive. I really have no clue as to what is wrong, or why my computer freezes so much with such great pieces of hardware.

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From: Courtney on 03/31/2003
I would try resetting the hardware configuration. I think RegCleaner has that option:

That forces Windows to reread the hardware and you will be prompted for the installation CD, and this is all a pain.

I would doublecheck that you are not mixing your memory like the other person suggested. I would also try going to NVidia's site and getting the latest version of the GeForce 3 driver. You may also want to check and see if you have the latest version of the system ROM and if any of the manufacturer's updates address any of the problems you are having.


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From: Computerpilot on 06/28/2002
Are you getting error messages? What OS are you running?

If you are not getting error messages but your system just slows to a crawl or stops completely and Control-Alt-Del is completely ineffective (my test is if I cannot change the light for my caps lock by hitting the caps lock key, then you have a complete lockup), then it is entirely possible it could be a hardware issue.

The first thing I would take a look at is the BIOS setting and how you have the clock speed set. Maybe you do not have the jumper settings correct and you are overclocking your processor. This would cause your computer to completely halt. Also, do you have sufficient cooling of your processor? The new XP processors can run mightly hot at times. Make sure that the fan is even spinning. You might have forgotten to connect it back up!

I would check my RAM next. Did you mix and match RAM chips? ECC to non-ECC memory might create this type of problem. Make sure that you have the right memory. Also, some motherboards may support the PC133 and PC100 RAM clock speeds. Make sure you have these settings correct in your BIOS.

After you check these items and you are still having the problem, then you need to do some hardware troubleshooting. Start with the processor upgrade. Then add the RAM then the video card.

Let me know if this helps. Post back if you need some other ideas.


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