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From: Jay on 12/11/2003
I have Windows XP home, Internet Explorer 6 (IE) and Norton Internet Security 2004 (NIS). All current Windows and Norton fixes are applied. Web site loading has gotten progressively worse after several days of use. Have tried ...

1. Uninstall and reinstall (using special norton cleanup exe's)
2. Checked for excessive blocking by firewall rules in detail stats
3. Checked improper NIS module loads
4. Checked NIS module load order
5. Disabled Antivirus and Internet security
6. Turned off IE firewall

Nothing seems to work except uninstalling NIS 2004 and leaving it off. The uninstall and install seemed to work, except it once again got worse after a few days.

I didn't experience anything like this running NIS 2003. Why do I keep trying ... I have used Norton the last few years ... I liked their products ... but this is making think about switching products.

How many others out there are having problems with NIS 2004 and slow or stalling web site loads?

The Online help desk just parrots the same answers I have already read in the Symantec Knowledgebase. Has anyone found a solution that works for maore than a few days?

Thanks for any assistance,


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From: Tom on 12/25/2003
I had the same problem with Norton Anti-Virus 2003 after one of the updates. I just disabled Norton Anti-virus and installed AVG 6 Anti-Virus System. It's free, and IE runs like a champ again.

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From: Andy on 12/23/2003
I have the exact same problem, and don't know how to fix it other
than removing NIS 2004. A workaround I stumbled upon is to use
Netscape instead of IE, that worked for me. Give it a try...

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