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 CD Rom icon disappears, BIOS freezes at restart Post a Reply  
From: Alex on 12/10/2003
I have an Athon 1.4Ghz, 512MB Ram, GeForce FX 5200 128MB (which i just got a couple of months ago).Whenever i switch my computer on, if i leave it for 20 minutes it begins to slow down and things freeze temporarily. I look in My Computer and the icon for the CD Rom has disappeared. So i look in device manager and the CD rom doesn't appear in the list. I do a hardware scan and still nothing.
I restart my computer and when i comes to the second BIOS screen, where it detects whats on the IDE cables, the BIOS freezes at secondary IDE master (where the cd rom is located)and a grey line scales the screen. I restart gain and go into BIOS setup screen and select the seondary IDE master cable and a huge red line scales the screen.

What is going on, is something overheating?


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