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 PC Freezes when games are played, and BIOS freezes Post a Reply  
From: Alex on 12/08/2003
I just recently upgraded to a GeForce FX 5200 128MB, and after two months wothout problems, GTAVC starts to stutter during play and then freezes.
Once frozen, i can't do anything. I can Ctrl+Alt+Del but the game won't quit. I have no alternative but to restart PC manually.
When it comes to the second screen of the BIOS (i.e. detecting the CDROM and Hard disk etc...) A thin grey bar scales the screen vertically and the BIOS freezes there. I resart again and press delete to enter setup and select the IDE cable where the CD drive is located and i get a thick red line scaling the screen. If i turn on the fail safe option in the BIOS the computer starts up fine.

The next day i start the computer and turn the fail safe off and it starts fine. I play the game again and the same thing happens.

What is going on? Please help!!!

Sorry for the long explanation


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