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From: Robert on 12/05/2003
pc says:
searching for boot record from scsi - not found
Drive not ready
insert boot diskette in A:
press any key when ready.....
any ideas how to get this machine back on, please......

hard drive: Maxtor 20gb Atapi-ide
os: win 98
processor : Intel P4 1.6 ghz
Memory: 128 mb sdram


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From: ilona on 01/18/2005
i have the same problem. How do you change the start up sequence? It runs through all the tests, but I cant figure out how to chnge the configuration. Thanks running windows98 on ibm thinkpad9547

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From: chuck on 01/05/2004
Why is your bios looking at a SCSI drive when you have a ATAPI IDE drive. My guess would be that your boot sequence is the problem. Make sure that your boot sequence (in bios) points to hard drive first and not SCSI or other devices.

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