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From: Tonya on 12/02/2003
I bought a Digitrex DSC2100 digital camera and installed the included software on my Windows 98 OS. The software is Photo Manager 2.10 and the other drivers on the CD were Digitrex Digital/Video Camera and Digitrex DSC Mass Storage Class Adapter. Once the install finished, it asked me to restart the computer. The computer would not shut down, so I manually powered off and back on. Windows 98 then would not load. I was able to get into Windows 98 in Safe Mode, and I did an uninstall of the photo software. I still could not get into Windows 98, and I did get a message that:
"An Exception OE has occured at 0028:00000009 in VXD---. This was called from 0028:C151A5D3 in VXD---"
I went back into safe mode and deleted the recently installed drivers under the "System" icon. I still could not load Windows 98 but got a different exception.
"An exception 06 has occured in 0028:00000017 in VxD---"
Is there a hidden driver or file that I should look for and delete? I searched for and deleted all files created on 12/1 (which is when I installed the software) to no avail. I'm thinking something changed in the registry to create this problem.


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From: Smarty on 12/14/2003
If it is the registry this should fix it.
When Windows is starting up press f8 and choose command prompt( not safe mode)
Now type this in
it will allow you to restore a copy of your registry, so choose a copy from pre- 12/1

Yuor welcome


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