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From: Chris on 11/30/2003
Alot of times when I first turn on the Computer I get the blue screen with this Error OE:018F:BFF7B018 I spent 10 mins with the error. Any help in this would be great. I am using ME and I am using Compaq Presario.



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From: peter on 11/26/2008
hi -- i have got me on my computer but every time i go on the internet and go on the the internet explorer will
not let it open can anybody tell me why this is happening

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From: charles on 09/25/2006
if yall havent guessed, windowsME is a screwed up version of windows..

its well documented WinME is the worst of the 9x windows series...

i got a gameway /wth celeron 366 and it does the bsd off and on... even on new install.. i told person i was trying to fix it for to eitjer get away from ME or Upgrade to a more modern machine...

I wasted z whole day on this problem and still no success..


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From: Craig on 07/27/2005
If you are suffering from BLUE SCREEN, check you're power supply in your computer. You are most likely expericing "OVER HEATING". The fan maybe running but not up to normal speed. Over heating is a big cause of getting a blue screen error.

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From: mikl on 05/15/2005
I have been fighting OE : 018F : BFF77328 for a friend ... it was NORTON SYSTEM WORKS 2002 with current updates and subscription (May 2006)... specifically it seemed to be LIVEUPDATE ... anyway, they are AOL users so i uninstalled NSW, installed the McAfee (free with AOL) and VOILA! no BSODs (blue screens of death)!! NSW is just not written for WinME ... does OK on Win98SE and fine on WinXP ... this is on a Gateway 300SE ... i'm a TrendMicro fan myself ...

L8R, miklb (:o)}


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From: Dan on 02/08/2005
I am working on a customer's computer(Gateway Essentials).
She upgraded Norton online and this error occurred on her PC:
error: 0E:018F:BFF77328 with the blue screen and the screen locks up.
She is also running WINME. She undicated to me that she always got this message since she bought the PC, but she just hit continue or would reboot and she would be fine.
This PC came with Norton antivirus. I re-installed her software and the computer was running fine until I re-installed Norton. Two and two does equal four. It could be that Norton and WINME don't like each other and conflict. I never did like Norton anyhow. It's too intrusive.

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From: RA1016 on 01/18/2005
Just curious, has ANYONE had this problem on any other operating system besides Windows ME? It seems to be on different computer brands and with different software, but always on a Windows ME system. I am having the same problem on my Compaq running ME.

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From: Eleanor on 01/11/2005
I want you to know how helpful Brenda (Badge GWPC022) was in directing

me to the proper channels. Your billing department needs some help

in answering clients' questions. As for Brenda, she gets four stars.

Thanks Brenda for me and I am sure all the others you have helped.

At least I know what to do at this point. With all that is going on

in our world, it is good to know that there are Brendas that will be

filling our world to make it a better place for all.


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From: Troy on 12/16/2004
I have same blue screens/error messages.
winme, amd athalon, 512mb ram---not using any norton/symantic programs.
Have tried dozens of solutions from tech sites including MS.
Starting to think maybe certain areas of my Ram might be the problem.
When i can afford it i will switch to kingston.
Right now running 1 kingston 256 sdram and 1 conexant 256 sdram chips.
Had no blue screens until i added the second 256 chip to be able to multitask better while online and using psp8.
for me this all started with a ram chip..
won't be sure of fix for some time because of certain situations
making me extra broke currently..

If someone can afford to swap out their ram with the same brand of a decent error correcting ram, (i like kingston) then please let me know if this helps.




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From: Scott Ring on 11/10/2004
you may want to check here for this 0e : 018f :bff77328 problem people. Here is the symantec (NORTON) web site. View the other error messages and you will see the simularity of this problem that is apparently hitting other areas of Windows as well.


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From: Billy on 11/08/2004
I'm not sure if it has to do with Norton only because I would think they would have a fix or something by now I'm even using Norton 2005 now did a complete reload same problem has anyone tried diff. memory?

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From: kIM on 05/29/2004
I can't believe I didn't think to look up this error on google before listening to Gateway's tech support!!! Now I'm in worse shape than before. I reinstalled windows (like they said) I still get the intermitent blue screen BFF7B018 error message on startup AND NOW THE PC SEEMS SLOWER THAN MOLASSES! also I can no longer uninstall Norton! I'm geting an error window when I try to uninstall Norton Antivirus which says .. this installation package cannot be installed by the windows installer service. You must istall a windows service pack that contains a newer version of th windows installer service. Where can I find that??????

Any further help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks, Kim


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From: Cindy on 03/25/2004
I'd like some help with this problem too. Repartitioned and formatted and did not install Norton or Yahoo(as I saw somewhere else) Updated all drivers for this Gateway running Win ME. can't get rid of the intermittent blue screen at startup. I get both 0E : 0177 : BFF7B018 and 0E : 0177 : BFF77328. Read where it might be USB cable problem and it seemed to go away for about 10 reatarts when I used another USB port but then it came back. Gateway's answer to Todd is lame. I looked at that Microsoft article and how do you know what "might" be incompitable. How do you know what drivers are a hardware conflict? My blue screen won't let me do a selective boot to find out. If Windows allows me to do a selective boot it's because it's gonna start normally (this time) and there isn't any problem to catch. Besides I've downloaded all the latest drivers including the BIOS from Gateway and I can't find a thing from them about this problem with their hardware. This is a customer's computer and the whole darn thing is integrated on the mobo, video, sound, even the modem. I can't just start experimenting around with trying to bypass all his integrated hardware and install add on cards in his 2 and only 2 PCI slots. (It's an itty bitty Gateway profile computer.)Okay I don't have the answer but usually when I run into a messy mystery like this and spend all day looking for the answer I do, but today I didn't and I felt like venting. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe I'll get lucky.

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From: Dorrothy on 02/23/2004
I have the exact same problem and strangely enough I thought it had something to do with Norton anti-virus update and have tried to take it off so will try that again. I press any key when I get the blue screen and then it works fine but it is annoying.

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From: Michael on 01/18/2004
Did anyone ever get an answer to this problem. I think it is possibly connected with Norton because my virus and security package has been playing up for a while now, sometimes deciding not to install itself on start-up. I use ME on a Dell Dimension 4100. I also have broadband and use Incredimail and not Outlook Exp. I think that the host of little programmes you pick up, which start-up with the computer do not help but how do you get rid of them?




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From: todd on 01/15/2004
The saga continues - this is the supposed fix that Gateway sent me - I am inroute to my customer to see if any of this helps - I will keep you all posted on the result.

Again - if anybody else has had this issue and has found a legit fix - I am all ears


Todd - Cornerstone Computer Service LLC

"ERROR: OE" or "ERROR: OD" Error Message When You Start Windows Me or When You Use Internet Explorer
View products that this article applies to.
This article was previously published under Q308366
When you start your computer that is running Windows Millennium Edition (Me) or when you browse the Internet, the screen may turn black, and you may receive the following error message:
ERROR: OE: 0028: C0012D2C
After you receive this error message, you may receive the following error message:
ERROR: 0D: 0246: 014F47FB press key to continue
The preceding eight-digit memory location may be different. If you receive these error messages while you are browsing the Internet, the program may quit.
This issue can be caused by either incompatible or conflicting software, a damaged installation of Internet Explorer, damaged Winsock/DUN (Dial-up Networking), damaged or incompatible device drivers, or damaged operating system files.
To resolve this issue:
1.  Uninstall any software that may be incompatible with Windows Me. Some programs that may be incompatible are anti-virus and firewall programs.
2.  If the problem is a damaged installation of Internet Explorer, try to repair Internet Explorer:
1.  Click Start, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
2.  Double-click Add/Remove Programs, click Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and Internet Tools, and then click Add/Remove.
3.  Click Repair Internet Explorer, click OK, and then click Yes when you are prompted to repair the installation.
4.  Click Yes when you are prompted to restart your computer.
You may need to uninstall and then restore the previous configuration. For information about how to uninstall Internet Explorer, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
264194 How to Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and Internet Tools
3.  You may need to disable programs and devices that load during Windows Me startup. The following article provides steps in performing "clean boot" troubleshooting by using the System Configuration Utility:
267288 How to Perform a Clean Boot in Windows Millennium Edition
4.  For information about how to remove and reinstall Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and dial-up networking (DUN), please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
286748 "Fatal Error" Error Message Occurs When You Run WINIPCFG
5.  For information about how to check for a device driver that may be in conflict with Windows Me, please see the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article:
200842 How to Configure Windows 9


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From: todd on 12/31/2003
What follows is some dialog I am having with Gateway Tech Support regarding the same issue ( sorry I know it is lengthy ). I just received this reply today so I have not done anything about it yet but your discussion regarding Norton and Live Update seems similar to what my customer is experiencing. Keep a dailog going here about what you find please or feel free to email me directly.



Hello Todd,

Thank you for your reply. From your e-mail, I understand that you are
receiving the following error message at the startup:

"Error 0E :018f :bff77328".

Todd, I understand your concern with the issue.

To promptly resolve your issue, I would like to direct you to the
Microsoft Support Web page for further information. Please visit the
Internet address below:;en-us;308366&Product=winme

Note: Please be assured that the resolution provided in the link given
above is applicable for your issue too.

Please keep in mind that Gateway does support most of the Microsoft
products we sell. I am directing you to this site for informational
purposes only, not for support. Gateway encourages you to visit this
site for useful information. Please keep in mind that if you download
or install anything from another vendor's site, you are acting on your
own behalf. Gateway assumes no responsibility for support.

We hope the above information was of help to you. If the issue
persists, please do not hesitate to write to back to us.

In closing, let me add that we appreciate your business and support.
Thank you for contacting us and I hope you are satisfied with our help.

I have documented this correspondence in Service Request Number
2-1317253817 in our contact tracking database. Please use this number
in the future if you need to contact us again regarding this issue.

Please reply to this message if you require further assistance with this

Thank you.

Badge GWSB066
Online Customer Support Team

Rate me by going to the address I have provided below and clicking on
'Rate Your Support Agent'. There you will find a quick and easy survey.

For future Technical Support needs like driver downloads, technical
documentation and support information, go to Gateway's eSupport site:

Information provided pursuant to Gateway's Terms of Sale and Limited
Warranty Agreement. All brands and names are trademarks of their
respective companies.

Original Message Follows:


The serial number for the Gateway with the error 0e :018f :bff77328 is


Thank you for your assistance.

Todd J Keating



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From: Martine on 12/30/2003
It is very strange as I meet exactly the same problem since 30/11/03 when I used Live Update as usually. I did dot have any problem before and now when I set up my computer, I often get the blue screen with these errors messages : 018F:BFF7B018 and 018F:BFF77328; which is very annoying. I use Windows ME.

I also think that this problem has something to do with Norton Anti-Virus. It is a pity because up to the end of November, everything was OK. I also wonder if it could be a Virus which we have got ??...

Thanks in advance for your help.


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From: Trina on 12/01/2003

This recently started happening to our computer running WinME. It seems to go away if I unistall Norton SystemWorks. If I reinstall Norton it is okay until I run live update and then it's a blue screen with OE:018F:BFF7B018.

This system was fine with Norton SystemWorks installed until a couple of weeks ago. I would sure love to know what changed.



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