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From: Hermione on 11/28/2003
I have a Time PC (which I wish I'd never seen), using Windows Millennium (4.90.3000). My motherboard died last week, three weeks after the warranty ran out. A local PC-whiz gave me a new ASUS board, together with a new graphics card and sound card. Since I got the PC home, I've had many problems. I can't download my ISP's (Onetel) homepage when I connect to the Internet because the PC freezes (what I have to do is, the moment that the modem connects, rush in and cancel the Onetel homepage, and then, when the dialogue box comes up, tell it to stay online. Some sites I can still connect to, but not others - such as Microsoft Update. Nor can I connect to any Help pages of any sort, on or off the Internet, without the system freezing. (For instance, the kind FAQ pages here on nocrash tell you to access System Tools Information ... I couldn't do it, my system froze). The computer whiz who mended the PC for me was surprised at my problems, because he didn't install any new software; he thinks I should try re-installing Onetel, but I don't think it's going to make any difference, as the problems seem to occur whether I'm connected to the Internet or not. In case the problems are connected in some way with the video card, I've tried de-celerating the graphics-thingy fully, and also updating the driver (but it said that the driver was fully updated already).

Would anyone happen to have any ideas ... ??


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From: Sue on 12/05/2003
I'm having the same error message. My computer is also running Windows ME. Do you have Norton Anti-virus?? It also seems to be affecting my access to the internet / emails by losing my IP address? Still haven't work out a solution yet. I might try removing Norton and see what happens.

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