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From: Random on 11/12/2003

I have a dualboot of Win2000Pro and Win98SE, and while I have absolutely no problems whatsoever in Win98 (those that were, have been solved ofcourse) I DO have one minor problem in Win2000.

My system hangs/freezes/locks up once in a while when in Win2000. This is paired with the last TONE of sound, that was being produced by the system (i.e. music), constantly being repeated at a rapid rate.

First thing I can think of is driver problems being spawned by incompatibility between a random driver and my chipset driver, but since the problem occurs very unfrequently and is sort of rare (1 week it happens 4x on one day, next 2 weeks nothing happens while maintaining the same activities, while the week after that it happens 1x) I have no idea where to start looking.

While using the same driver versions on Win98, there hasn't been a system hang since resolving the last problem I encountered there, which was totally Win98 related. There are months when I use Win2000 for weeks, and Win98 not a single day, and sometimes vice versa. That's why I am certain that the problem only occurs in Win2000.

System specs:

AMD Athlon XP 2800+ (barton)
ASUS A7V8X-X /w Via KT400 chipset
TakeMS 768(512+256) MB PC2700 / 333MHz DDR
ASUS GeForce 4 Ti4600 U TD
CreativeLabs SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
Maxtor Diamond Max 9 Plus 120 GB HDD /w 8MB cache

Software versions:

Windows 2000 Professional SP4 (5.00.2195)
Internet Explorer & Outlook Express 5 (I dislike 6)
Fully patched through Windows Update
MSN Messenger 6.0
WinAMP 2.91
Via 4in1 Hyperion Drivers v4.49
Nvidia Detonator FX 44.03
SBLive! drivers included with the card (afaik there are no updates available)

The problem occurs randomly. It has happened rarely while the system was idle, with Outlook Express open on the background, or with Internet Explorer open while I was surfing. All 3 happened with and without WinAMP and/or MSN open. When WinAMP was open, the sound being produced during the system hang was the last tone of the song being repeated very rapidly, which has never been the same in any of the hangs.

It has even occurred more during gameplay. First time the problem ever came to my attention was during a game of Freelancer. A lot of times during that game actually. The day when it happened 4x was all during Freelancer. I stopped playing the game after finishing it however, and now it has happened on a game called Freespace 2. The two games have 2 totally different engines, are completely unrelated (except that they're both space sims :P), and no, Freespace doesn't use a specific codec for sounds like Freelancer does, it uses standard PCM. Both games run without a single problem on Win98. I have the feeling that the time it occured during Freespace 2 however, was no different from the ones where there was no game loaded. Since Freelancer had it relatively occur so often, I have looked for the problem at the driver and codecs specific to the game's use, but to no


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From: Alari on 04/23/2004
Maybe too late to help, but something that fixed ALL my crash problems in Win2000 was switching the ACPI driver (under Device Manager -> Computer) to "Standard PC". This eliminated all my random freezes/lockups, which would happen infrequently when the room temperature was beloe 75F, and VERY frequently when it was hotter than that. Also it seems to have fixed the video skipping in games. (Certain games would consistently skip, and they no longer do.)

You'll have to reinstall all your device drivers when you do this, and then you'll have lots of duplicates, or you can set it manually during installation by pressing F5 somewhere along the line.

This fix may not work for everyone, and I strongly recommend running memtest86 and your manufacturer's testing software (all major drive manufacturers now have publicly available hard drive testing software, or you can use IBM's test since it works with all drives.) This fix stopped random freezes, my system was not bluescreening at all, just hanging suddenly.


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From: Derek on 01/12/2004
This may help !!!1
I had the same"hanging" problem. I have a
A7N8X Mobo (GeForce chipset) < maybe key?
AMD athon xp 2800+
1 g pc3200 ram
win xp
creative live 5.1
xtacy 4600ti g. card
1g ram

I kept trying to reformat and go step by step, using older drivers....etc. I would update my graphic's driver but never thought to update the chipset (nvidia GeForce). During this last round of tweaks and updates I went to and downloaded a patch to turn off unused services running in the background. I then updated the chipset. Followed by trying a GeForce 5700 ultra with no problems. The update is most likely what fixed the problem. I put the 4600ti back in and it has not hung up once since.
I suffered for a few months and just totally forgot to check for a chipset update. So be sure to be thourough. I listed the tweak site in case it played a factor, which I doubt. This problem totally sucked!!!!!


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From: Shyldd on 01/06/2004

The Processor was an Athlon 3000+ XP 64
I just got done searching VIA's site. Not much help there at all, they admit the problem but that's about it. So, my search continue... it's kinda like a damn quest with out the experience or treasure rewards. Damn it.


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From: Shyldd on 01/06/2004
You guys are complaining about the ASUS version motherboards with the VIA chipsets. I have The same problem though I am using a ABIT Mother Board, with the VIA chipset of course. I have had this problem with the Creative Audigy 2 Platinumm, Creative SB Live, and now I'm using the Audio that came with the Mother board which is a 5.1 version. I updated everything, am still in discussion with Creative about the problem (they are not really sure what they are talking about) If you guys figure any of this out it'd be nice to know... I just bought a new computer and am having more headaches then with the old I had. Updates are supposed to be slightly better ya know?

System Stats:
ABIT KV8-MAX3 800 mhz fsb
512 DDR 400 mzh RAM
160 Gb. Westeren Digital HD
40 Gb. Maxtor HD
GeForce 4 MX 64 mb PCI

Windows XP Pro SP 1 (all updates downloaded and installed)

If you guys need to know anything more let me know, I don't feel like checking everything and writing it down. I'm gonna hope over to VIA website and hope they might have something posted about this. If they do, then I'll come back and let you all know.

Thanks for the help


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From: Sam on 12/19/2003
I also have the exact same problem, along with many others. and what we all have in common is the motherboard (asus a7v8x-x). every person i have come across has been unable to find a fix.

Mine crashes regulary on certian games.. and never on others, with that anoying buzz left over sound.

example of games it crashes on are: Neverwinter Nights, Rise of Nations, baldurs gate,

Games that have worked are call of duty, Giants, battlefield...

i want to know what these games have in common against the ones that dont work.

My System is.

Asus A7V8X-X
Athlon XP 2000+ 1.6gig
612mb ddr Ram
40 gig Maxtor
Geforce 4 ti4600 128mb


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From: Random on 11/15/2003
Hi dude,

I'm sorry to say I haven't.. The problem isn't THAT annoying because it happens so unfrequently, but when it happens, I get pissed over it cause I don't know how to solve it either.

One of the parts of my study and my job is to be able to eliminate any PC problem, and I don't know where to start with this one. Maybe I'm just too lazy, cause I could probably find out by removing any expansion and/or memory, but since it's so unfrequent, it could take ages... I'm not willing to have a soundcard or a stick of memory removed for that long.

I've posted in multiple forums btw. I'll post here if the answer has been given in any of the others. Good luck with your problem.



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From: dude on 11/13/2003
Hi there.
Have you already found a sollution? I think I've got the exact same problem... but also don't know how to solve this...


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From: Random on 11/12/2003

No, I have not OC'ed, and when my System hangs, temperture is well below the maximum limit of 85 degrees Celsius I set my mainbord to. (stays around 40-50)

No, I have no intention of switching back to newer/older videodrivers, since these gave me more problems in games than the ones I have right now. The 44.03 drivers from Nvidia have proven to be the most stable, most compatible, and fastest drivers of all OFFICIAL releases on my current configuration.

Today the configuration freezed 2x while viewing a certain Flash-produced presentation in IE on seperate occasions, at VERY random times, both with MSN and WinAMP on.

Now, after doing a search in this messageboard, I found someone saying that when Win2000 freezes just-like-that, without a BSOD or any other error message, the problem is hardware-related. If this is the case, then I think it still has to be produced by drivers, since Win98 totally lacks these system freezes. Driverproblems causing hardware errors in Win2000 maybe? I don't know.

IRQs are only shared between the 4 USB Controller's, the rest has seperare IRQ's in both Win2000 and Win98.

I hope the problem sounds somewhat familiar, and I hope I have supplied enough information for anyone to be able to help me.

You have my gratitude alone already for reading this.



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