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 98 to XP upgrade, XP runs for 5 mins then Black Sc Post a Reply  
From: dave on 10/28/2003
I did the upgrade install from Win'98 to XP pro. My system tested compatable. XP starts and runs just fine for exactly 5mins but then "always crashes to a black sceen" with no message, beeps, mouse, or Ctrl/Alt/Del... My drive light does a bit of flashing_ but I've tried waiting for hours_ nothing. I have to power down, or reset, to restart.

I have timed the craches and it's always the same (just a little less than 5 mins from the XP starting logo. If I leave windows waiting for my password, or I run programs, it's still the same; just like clock work.

I've tried to troubleshoot this... Device Mangager, Power Management, install latest XP service pack... I have not found anything wrong.

The good news is I can uninstall XP and return to my prior Windows 98. That XP feature is great for me to get back on line with '98 and find a fix for this darn problem.

Please help,

Thanks dave


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From: comtech on 01/04/2005
it is a hardware prob.
hard drive , ram or power sup.

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