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 "Bad Parameter" when accessing hard driv Post a Reply  
From: Jim on 10/25/2003
I cannot access a data drive. The problem started when I changed the drive from Fat32 to NTFS usng W2K. The problem persists after I did a clean install of XP Pro. Any Ideas?

Thanks Jim


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From: jase on 10/26/2003
When WinHex reports that not all cluster chains can be found, the reason often is that Windows lost track of some clusters, so that they are still counted as "in use", but are not allocated to any existing file any more. Please try running some disk repair tool such as ScanDisk, Norton Disk Doctor, etc.

I do not know the reason for the "Parameter incorrect" message, sorry. Possibly the drive was formatted in a "non-standard" way?

Please try searching on the physical disk (or the corresponding partition of it) only rather than on the logical drive.



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