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From: Samantha on 10/24/2003
I recently redownloaded AOL 8.0 Plus onto my computer. The previous time I never had problems with it. Everything worked fine.

This time AOL will not go to any site that I place in it's address bar. Nothing happens, an hour glass doesn't even show up. How can I fix this? I tried going to AOLs live techinical support that doesn't even work.

Information you may need about what I am using:
Windows 98
Cable Modem
Internet Explorer 6.0
Aol 8.0 Plus


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From: Phil on 10/25/2003
Check control panel - add remove programs to see if "newdotnet" or "savenow" is there and remove it if it is, also run adaware to see if it's all gone, but use the uninstaller first!
it's a spyware program that screws with your net access
check your dns settings, do a run - winipcfg and also see if you can ping any ip addresses

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