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From: Ameya on 10/24/2003
i have windows xp professional installed on my system. My problem is that i can run run just one command (say like ipconfig) and then the prompt vanishes or rather the file closes automatically. I have also noticed for some commands like cd, dir, ping etc the prompt remains for some time and then closes as if its on a timer. also sometimes my sound vanishes just like that. i have a asus km400 series motherboard with onboard soundmax. all i have to do is reinstall the drivers and i have sound again. also some of my programs like asus probe and cpu idle don't start automatically at windows boot but start just fine at other times. its seems like my system is totally screwed up but its not as bad as it sounds.

All my problems basically started after i installed Norton Antivirus 2004. it worked fine for a week and now it seems to have caused all these problems with my system. i tried uninstalling norton but after giving a couple of errors it failed. so i had to painstakingly removed all entries from the registry manually. that doesn't seemed to have solved the problem. the latest version of norton seems to have a lot of issues. i have searched the net in vane for a decent solution. guys please help


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From: jase on 10/26/2003

Goto your event log and seek some additinal information




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