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From: Natraj on 10/20/2003
hello friends,
i have both win 98 & XP in my system and it was running properly today i have istalled REDHAT linux ver 7.2 in the same the Linux&win98 is working properly but i cannot get in to Winxp.i got an error message that Hal.dll file will be corrupted\missing.i had tried to copy the same file from winxp cd to system32 folder , but it does not work.Plz help me to overcome the problem

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From: Garner on 10/22/2003
Mandrake 9.2 is very good at re-partitioning the HD with win XP or 98 on it.
Problem is Windows wants to be the #1 OS because Mr. Gates doesn't think he has enough money now so it screws with everything it shouldn't.
So always install windows first, then mandrake.
RH is not going to be supported well soon, so go with Mandrake.
7.1 is way too old and screwed up alot on dual boot setups.
Only other choice, get some removeable drive bays and run 2 HD

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