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From: fitz on 10/20/2003
hi all, please forgive me because i'm a newbie...

my computer is taking toooo long to shut down... about 3 mins... and the problem is exacerbating by the day...

i tried to disable all the startup apps through the msconig feature.
i have all the recent drivers.

my computer is running on
athlon xp 1.8ghz
MSI GeForce2 video card
1Ghz PC333 DDR RAM (2 at 512 each)
winxp pro
two hard drives 40G each
300 watt powersupply

windows update has been running regularly
it's a self-built system
plz help!!!

thanks alot!


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From: tom on 09/08/2004
are you in a networked environment? i've had problems with syncronization and/or wireless cards causing long boots and shutdowns

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From: Mike on 12/13/2003
Long startups and shutdowns could be a sign of under power.
Try installing a better power supply

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