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 System doesn't boot after defrag : Fatal excep Post a Reply  
From: Michael on 10/17/2003
I desparately need help! I searched the web, but didn't find a solution. I'm either missing something or it's a tough problem.
What happened:
- I ran defrag on my c: drive. Scandisk reported some errors (but nothing unusual)
- I shut down PC with no problem
- now it doesn't boot with following message
"WINDOWS Fatal error 0E at 01A7:834A1830" in normal mode and
"WINDOWS Fatal error 0E at 0167:834A1830" in safe mode

Here's what I tried:
- boot in safe mode (fails, see above)
- boot step by step, omitting device drivers: failed
- check bootlog.txt (don't find anything remarkable)
- restore MBR and DOS sys files from clean disk
- scandisk with complete surface check (no errors)
- scanreg (no errors)
- scanreg /restore to last succesfully loaded registry
- extended RAM/system test via BIOS
- restore kernel32.dll, kernel386.exe, imm32, main, maincp16 from another Win98SE system

Now I am lost. I assume that defrag f*** up some very basic windows files/drivers. Does anybody know
- what to conclude from the address in the fatal exception?
- which system file I possibly need to overwrite?
- any good hint I forgot to pursue?
- any way to repair the system without having to complete rebuild it?



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From: jase on 10/20/2003
Hi there

boot form a windows boot disk and find your swapfile, delete this and reboot the pc,

I would try step by step configuration again if I was you, don't just eliminate the drivers eliminate all options and then see if you can force your way into windows,

If you can goto system information and use the tools under the menu options 'tools' there should be a tool called system configuration utility, uncheck the win.ini and system.ini files and reboot the pc, you need to pin point the problem this way, you can choose section of the win.ini and system.ini file you want to process as well

keep in touch



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