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From: Georges on 10/12/2003
Hi everyone

Iíve got Windows XP Pro and AOL broadband.
I canít open any video feeds from the net, when I want to watch a video from internet per ex, AOL disconnect itself. The AOL icon disappears as well.
When I use IE, I encounter the same problem. IE turns itself off with error (Adress:
0 x 000000007472a93b).

Something has been touch in the setting (maybe AOL) or somewhere else but I canít fix it up.

I've already modify my Font, Text & Graphics to 50 Mo, also i tried to desintall AOL adaptator and clear the cache. Also I looked at the previous mail regarding the fault IE from the forum but I've found any solution. Graaaah....

I would very much appreciate if someone could help me.



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