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 Can't access bios since partial linux install Post a Reply  
From: Shane on 10/09/2003
I was trying to install linux-mandrake 9.1. I used the option to re-partion the windows drive(windows xp pro). Apparently I did not allocate enough hdd space to complete the install, so i canceled the instalation and set out to re-format the hdd and start with two eaqual partitions, 1 for windows and the other for linux. This is where the problem started. When I tried to go into the bios to change the boot sequence so as to boot from cd-rom 1st(so i could format and partion the hdd), the computer did not seem to acknowledge the f2 key press when I re-booted(press f2 to enter setup). I have even tried pressing all of the function keys, the delete key, and a combination of the ctrl, alt, and funcion keys to no evail. It's almost as if the bios has been locked out, but by what and how? I have ran a diagnostic program to check that all they keys on my keyboard are working. Evrything chacked out ok. I have a dell inspiron 1100(notebook). Evrything else works fine. Windows boots up normaly, I just am not able to access the bios. Any suggestions would be greatly apreciated. Thank you.

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From: Thomas on 11/18/2003
I have exactly the same problem.. its driving me crazy.
I have a Dell inspiron 5100 just installed linux mandrake 9.1
before doing so i partitioned by hard disk in windows XP giving linux 8GB
setup went fine. but later i wanted to boot from cd and found that LILO would kick in and ignore the boot cd, deciding to check the Bios i rebooted and pressed F2, nothing happens,i just get LILO again and no access to the Bios.
somebody please help .

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