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From: Larry on 10/06/2003
I'm pretty sure this is a Verizon issue, but just in case I missed something...

There is a noticable lag when browsing from one web site to another. I've increased the MTU, changed my IP address from dynamic to static, and still the lag, which only starts happening in the afternoon, after school gets out. I'm convinced that Verizon's DNS server is overwhelmed, but how to convince them of that fact? You know what's going to happen. And this does happen on more than one computer, in fact, on a brand new P4 2.66 laptop I just bought. Any ideas?


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From: Larry on 10/08/2003
I use a DSL connection from Verizon, but my son has a cable modem, and so I "stole" his DNS addresses and voila! Problem solved. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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From: Grant on 10/06/2003
Try using another outside DNS server, you have to go find one that is open and available from outside your network and manually put in it's IP number.
If this doesn't work it may be a user near you on your network using all the bandwidth of your section of cable, if you are on a cable system, you didn't say if you were.
I would complain to your cable provider and demand that they run some tests in that time period and they may add another cable run in your area, or find the offending user. Some users were able to suck more bandwidth then they are allowed on older systems, this may be the case.
Not that the below will fix your problem, but this program will speed things up on win 98 with a cable modem

You can use these to test your connection


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