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From: Beaky on 10/02/2003
Hello folks,

I'm getting a lot of 'blue screen of death' crashes at the mo - I cud barely use my pc last nite for crashes!
I don't understand the error msgs - I suspect a conflict between one of my running security progs (eg, Troj Guarder, Zone Alarm, Norton) but the errors appear fairly random to me - there are a few constants, but perhaps it will seem logical to one of you good people.

I'm running Win 98 - I went back to it from ME, ironically, in the hope it would be more stable! Also using Office 2000.

I've taken the liberty of pasting a log of the more recent messages below in the desperate hope that these might make some sorta sense to someone!!

With many thanx in advance,

Recent Errors:

General Points:

Very slow at opening folders through ‘My Computer’ or ‘Explorer’. A folder containing only 1 file of, say, 1mb can take up to 2 minutes to open.

Errors occur most frequently when using internet (I.E.6, through broadband connection), but also occur on start up, shut down, using Win Media Player, opening Control Panel, running Norton Anti-Virus scan & others.

Error List:

· 06 at 0028: C0035297 in VxD IFSMGR 01 + 000018D3
· OE at 0028: C172E30F
· OE at 0028: C0031C7A
· OE at 0028: 0C4D0016
· OD at 0246: 015F47FB [follwed by ‘hang’ on shut down]
· OE at 0028: C0031A54 [on restart]
· OE at 017F: BFF9DFFF [on start up, recurring]
· OD at 17C7: 000003D2 [on start up, recurring]
· OE at 0028: 000031A54
· OD at 015F: 00005EBB [on start up]
· “CCpwdsvc caused an inalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 017f: bff9dfff”
· OE at 0028: C0031A54
· OE at 017F: BFF9DFF [twice, on start up]
· “Trojan Guarder has caused a general protection fault in KRNL386.EXE at 0001: 00002489” [followed by] “CCAPP has caused…..[then same fault & place]”
· OE at 0028: C00388AB in VxD IFSMGR01 + 00004EE7 [using Media Player]
· OE at 0028: C00388AB in VxD IFSMGR [on internet]
· OE at 0028: C172D9FF [on internet]
· OE at 0028: C172FABF
· OE at 017F: BFF9DFFF [recurring]
· OE at 0028: C172DB2F [on start up]
· OE at 017F: BFF9DFFF [on start up, recurring]
· OE at 0028: C172DB2F [whilst downloading]
· OE at 0028: C00388AB in VXD IFSMGR (01) + 00004EE7
· OD at 0246: 015F47FB
· “Nav32 performed illegal operation….” [etc, not blue screen].


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From: Micael on 12/30/2003
I have the same problem, but mine started when I built my computer. When I first tried to install windows it occured all the time. After about 50trails it went on and I were able to install it. Now it happens every 40min or somethiing, sometimes on startup.

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From: Choong on 12/26/2003
I have the same problem in ME also..
what's the problem?

I have changed all the RAM, motherboard, hard disk alrady.


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From: Nathan on 11/23/2003
Yes i know whats is going on in a way i get the same massage ina blue screen im on ME.
I went through all files in my pc and nothing. It seems to occoure when im ither in a game or on a video my isdea is not enouff memory !
My old pc had the same problem.

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From: CharlieTune on 11/16/2003
Test Power Suppy or RAM ; maybe failing. Motherboard capacitors; look at those ... the little battery things, if bulging tops or oozing, bad. (don't eat it.)

Next : Process of elimination. Run computer in safe mode. Behaves? Run in regular mode, with suspect progs shut down. Behaves? Enable one suspect program.... etc.


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From: neil on 11/10/2003
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm me 2 I thought it waas some problem with windows itself

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From: Tank75 on 10/31/2003
Sounds like Norton software is doing some scrambling in your memory! Try uninstalling software and reboot. Is the error gone? If so try reinstalling. If the errors come back then maybe you should try another software brand.

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From: Shirley on 10/24/2003

Did you sort out your problems, because I have the same one.

Any help would be appreciated.



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