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 xp freezes during install and will not boot Post a Reply  
From: Greg on 10/01/2003
i have a problem installing xp i had it on here for about 5 months working fine then all of a sudden my pc locked up and gave me an error when i restarted it saying that recent hardware or software changes made it not boot successfully and that i could boot it normally or boot from the last known good boot it also had choices like safe mode and safe mode with networking i tried them all they froze b4 the logon screen for xp came up so i installed windows me in in another windows file and tried to install xp it failed it just froze at the blue screen where it says setup is starting windows so i backed everything up and did a format and tried to do a clean install of xp it failed it still froze at the exact same spot no error messege nothing i let it sit for a few hrs hoping it would kick over but it never did anything i took out all pci slots that were unneeded tried the install on another hd still same problem i took out all but one stick of memory that didnt work so i tried each individual stick in each individual dimm slot im almost positive my ram is good so at this time i was about rdy to give up untill i had the idea that i should maybe try to take the hdd out and put it in another pc and install xp from there it worked it installed perfectly no errors it booted in fine everything was good so i knew it wasnt my hdd i popped it out and put it back in this pc hoping to just boot up windows but gah the same error as b4 recent hardware or software changes caused an unsucessful boot so i really dont know what to do PLZ HELP!!!! im not sure but i really dont think its my ram and my hdd is good so i mean i have no idea what it can be a friend of mine told me that he thinks my mother boards ide controller went bad or something maybe my bios that refuses to flash plz any ideas or suggestions will be appreciatecd

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From: david on 11/09/2003
Hey Greg, I have exactly the same problem than u ! But still no solution ! I even flash by BIOS, nothing !

Keep me informed if u get the solution !


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