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From: Gary on 09/29/2003
Can anyone tell me what this means & how to do it,

"include a path-statement that allows you to use the DOS-functions 'attrib' and 'edit'."

Thank You;



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From: Scott on 11/02/2003
This seems to be a question aimed at using the "Path=" function which predefines a path to a program such that you can type the name of the application from anywhere in the directory tree. ie you can type "edit scott.txt" from "c:\scott\somewhere\else".
the syntax is "path=c:\dos" or "path=c:\windows\command"
this line can be added to the autoexec.bat file or executed from the command line

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From: Larry on 10/08/2003
The attrib command allows you to set the attribute of a file/folder. If you go to a command line prompt and type attrib/?, you will get the syntax you need.

The edit command brings up the DOS text editor and allows you to edit the autoex.bat file, among others.


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