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From: mr-rain on 09/28/2003
question #1
so i picked up this bare bones dell from a respectable buy/used/sell place. got it home and all it needed was a cd-drive and an os. got it set-up with win98 and it's worked fine... left it alone for about a month or 2 and when i started it, it said it *couldn't find devices 0 and 1*. "ok, what ever..." messed with it and gave up to the conclusion HD's dead. got a different HD out of another pc, format,installed 2000... but all with the pc th HD came out of prior to switching. then i boot and got that it *couldn't find device 1*, then a *media test error check cable*... and the option to continue... from here 2000 begins and halfway into startup i get the blue screen *unable to access bootdrive* or something to that extent.
changed ATA ribbon from the 40 to the 80 that came with the HD... no change. I'm at a loss.

question #2
at POST, when checking memory the pc WILL stall, but I can bypass by tapping the tab key. is this a sign of damaged memory? or is there more to it?

question #3 (i know i said 2)
how can i go about making a pc recognize that a cd-drive(device 1) is present?


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