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 All office 2000 programs crash when opening a new Post a Reply  
From: Amnon on 09/27/2003
I'm trying to install office 2000 on a win2k machine (a 2 year old Celeron machine). The installation went well, but when I try to open a document (well, actually, to enter with a new blank document) in any office application it crashes. Word says it's writing a log, which I didn't find unless its in the event log which shows (under applications) a Dr Watson report:
"The application, , generated an application error The error occurred on 09/26/2003 @ 20:03:11.913 The exception generated was c0000005 at address 308DFDD7 (MsoFPpvRealloc)" with an event id of 4097 and user "N/A".

I got the same problem with no win2k service packs and with SP4 installed. Also when I installed sp1 & 3 of office.

Following a tip in,,sid1_gci921775,00.html
The last install attempt was as a new user that was given administative rights, not with Admin. I didn't understand the rest of his tip about deleting the profiles. The problem remained.

Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it?

BTW: to be accurate - word, frontpage & excel crash with the error pop up (... An error log is being created), powerpoint hangs, and access crashes directly.

I have no WFWord2k file, following your tips I've installed my local printer (no printers were installed before), and running excel /Safe and winword /a do not change a thing.

Many Thanks,


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