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 EPOX 8RDA+ Restarts Randomly and Sometimes cannot Post a Reply  
From: Paul on 09/13/2003
Windows 2000 SP 3
Epox 8RDA+ Motherboard
512 DDR Ram


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From: golliver on 02/21/2004
i know it's a bit of an old question.
but, anyway, i'll try answering it.

problem obviously lies in power supply.

8rda+ mobos need at least 250watts to work (that's only mobo and maybe processor+mem)

don't forget that your power supply supplies everything inside the case.

probs with inability to boot for some time arises from lack of power.
so that is why i guess that is the problem.

i had similar probs with 8rda3+

i recommend quality power supply of at least 360W and up that can deliver at least 320W (u can calculate or even measure the power it delivers)

all depends on how many other devices are on that power supply

hope u have worked out your problems months ago :)
if not hope this will work for you. if not for you for others that come accross same prob :)



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From: Sake on 10/15/2003
Hello Paul,

I'm having a problem the same as you, but in my case it seems that the restart 'forced' when I'm receiving a fax in WinFaxPro 10. I'm running W2k server SP4 with all patches installed.

Maybe we have something in common....



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From: Paul on 09/13/2003
Sorry, hit the post key by mistake, here is the problem.

The motherboard restarts suddenly, it is not limited to a certain program however, and/or it will sometimes turn off without warning. When it shuts off, sometimes I need to wait a while before it will start up again. WHen I check the temp, it is usually only aroun 50 Celcius, and I even have a fan blowing onto it. I also am not overclocking this system at all.


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