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 Can't get new system to Post a Reply  
From: Jeff on 09/05/2003
Hi, I bought the following (new-retail) from Newegg and cannot get a post or boot- any ideas?

Shuttle AN35N Ultra 400
Athlon XP2500 333
Kingston HyperX 256 400DDR
NVidia FX5200
WD Caviar 80

The board power light comes on and all the neon and fans and case lights and crap come on... but no beeps, HD activity, or floppy seek, etc- nothing appears on screen. The vid card worked fine in previous system.

Using a generic 400w PS that worked in last system.

I can hear a "shhhick.....shhhick" repeating sound coming from the processor area (not the heatsink fan), sounds kinda like a hard drive seek sound.

Bad processer? Bad mobo? Need higher PS?



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