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 i use hotmail, but whenever i tried to write or se Post a Reply  
From: jennyy on 09/04/2003
ever since i got my new computer it worked then BAM! somethings wrong. im using hotmail. working fine. next day i turn on to check my mail and it takes forever to load anything. mail, to write baq, to read, to save, to delete. anything. it takes forever to load and then in like about 5-6 minutes it reads, " page cannot be displayed" and beacause of all these reasons. i dunno what happened!? how can i make it go faster? what's wrong please tell me, help me? thanks

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From: Tyrone on 10/19/2003
make sure you don't have any .. download programs running, like winmx or kassa .. these will slow your web viewing down ect..

what speed are you connecting to the net at ? click on the two tv icons (net status) and it will tell you what bps you're connected at

dial up - around 40bps - 50 bps
cable/dsl .. varies

you could try and get some more RAM for your computer .. SDRAM is cheap now.. DDR RAM little more expensive..

virus ? - a good, small and free program that eliminates most viruses at the moment is STINGER.EXE .. small download but does the job and is updated frequently.. have to do a search for it

also , if you're using windows xp.. you can try optimizing the settings for the desktop.. it all looks pretty and nice, but that can slow your computer down.. alot.. - have to do a search for those on how to do it.. i forgot now


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