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From: Dario on 09/01/2003
I just bought a barebone kit from tiger direct. It is a Cybertron 2000A/Athlon XP 2000+/128ME/CDROM. I also got the Microsoft Office XP Professional for 30 days trial. When I turn on the computer it said:
Searching for Boot record from SCSI.. Not Found

Boot Failure
Insert Boot diskette in A:
Press any Key when ready

I went to Bios and set up the time, date and I pressed F3 in order to let the computer recognize the hard drive and it did. I turned off the computer and turned it on again with the XP Professional inside. The computer kept looking for the boot record in the IDE-0, in the floopy and in the CD, but it did not find it. I checked all the cables. I'm almost crazy please help me!!!!!



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From: Richard on 09/11/2003
Try booting from the XP CD and see how that goes, you may have lost the boot sector.
You may be able to use this free rescue disk to manipulate files that windows won't let you touch. It has all sorts of cool tools and may even help fix bad sectors or recover files.


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