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 Realplay Won't Run do to problem with KRNL386. Post a Reply  
From: Tyler on 08/27/2003
When i try to enter Real Player every time it says "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down", It has something to do with KRNL386.EXE cuz when i hit details it says "REALPLAY caused a general protection fault
in module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:00007aaf.
007b15a0 00000000

Any help would be nice thanks.


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From: phill on 11/05/2003
I'm having the same problem. Program worked for sometime before it started doing this stuff. Reloaded realplayer, no luck. Could krnl 386 be defective, posible reloading the file might help, but don't just remive it, it is part a core file.

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