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 PC freezes in 3d stuff (both OGL+DX9), sound conti Post a Reply  
From: Martin on 08/25/2003
After a few(~10) minutes of playing a 3d game, my pc freezes, sound and winamp continuing. No way out but a hard reset. Tnt2 ultra
amb athlon650mhz
gigabyte motherbord
windows 2000 pro

I know its not winamp. Ive tried swapping a number of things:
Tried a few tnt2U drivers.
Tried disabling sound in OS
Tried vodoo2
tried removeing all cards except tnt
tried different memory.
Tried different dx versions.
Tried different power supply
Tried opening PC box against overheating.
Checked all fans and temperatures
Quake crashes to-> Dx is not the problem

The stargne thing is, that tiberian sun does not crash. Everything else crashes.(Even GTA2 and my own opengl programs!). One game in particluar: impossible creatures seems to crash VERY fast. The OS enviroment seems stabile though.

I used to think that I could fix anything, but I just can't nail this problem. Please help



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From: Steve on 01/18/2004

I have exactly the same problem!!! I heard that this can happen if your power supply is not a high enough rating.. I have a 500watt power supply but it still happends to me!!

Let me know if you find a solution, I will likewise!

Good luck


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